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Meet Your New Best Friends

Vacations Should Be Comfortable

Versatile Use - From Parties to Pilates

Dear Valued Customers

We are Transitioning!

Bra in a Box is currently undergoing a major business transition. All pending orders will be filled; however, we are pausing operations during our transition period.

Stay tuned for an update soon! We appreciate your patience at this time.

Your Fashion Solution

A Clever Idea

Who We Are

Bra in a Box was created by a mother-daughter team after agreeing that bras are overrated; especially for women who are small breasted, have had augmentation or reconstruction, or who prefer comfort.

The dynamic duo soon discovered and embraced nipple covers, but quickly realized that traditional nipple covers are difficult to store and keep clean, especially while traveling. That is when the Bra in a Box Travel Compact / storage system came to life.

The design for the unique Bra in a Box Travel Compact is inspired by a makeup compact and is constructed of silicone. Bra in a Box Nipcos adhere directly to the compact interior, preserving their shape and cleanliness. Toss those pesky invisible plastic circles!

Bra in a Box is a new company dedicated to providing simple and smart fashion solutions to women, with the goal to make life easier and more comfortable. Women have enough challenges in today's world - wearing a bra should not be one of them.

Bra in a Box has also made an impact with many breast cancer survivors who are adjusting to their new bodies - and enjoying the ability to go bra-less! This cause is close to our hearts and Bra in a Box plans to focus future efforts on supporting breast cancer patients and survivors.

We're Excited About This!

A Boob's Life: How America's Obsession Shaped Me ... And You

Developing Bra in a Box forced us get comfortable with talking about nipples. Over time, it became apparent that helping other women talk about nipples, especially breast cancer warriors and survivors, added incredibly worthwhile value to our mission. Leslie Lehr wrote A Boob's Life because she wants to talk about boobs, share her own story, and empower other women. Her work often explores the challenges facing contemporary women. Even after decades of amazing growth and change for women, our challenges continue to include issues related to nipples and boobs. Free or cover the nipple; it's your choice to make. Now let's keep moving forward together. Bra in a Box applauds Leslie Lehr for her courage, excellent writing, and gutsy leadership! Be sure to visit Leslie's site to learn more and pick up a copy of A Boob's Life! It's a must read!

NEW: Read our interview with Leslie here.

The Perfect Gift!

Bra in a Box is a unique gift, great for your besties, mom, sisters, daughters, and even grandma. Gift the box or grab a gift card!

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Our Sister Companies

The dynamic duo who founded Bra in a Box invite you to explore their other business endeavors! Penelope Przekop and Phoebe Horak spend their time enjoying family, continuously learning, and developing their creative ideas, all while having STEM careers! They follow their passions, including finding an alternative to the bogus bra!

Keep an eye out for Penelope's new book, 5-Star Career. It launches November 2021 from Productivity Press!

If you're a healthcare hero, join Phoebe at Nurse Life Boutique!

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