Bra in a Box Weighs in on Great Business Partnerships

Phoebe Horak

Bra in a Box COO and Managing Partner, Phoebe Horak, shares a few thoughts on having a great business partnership in Beauty Independent's recent article, Indie Beauty Brand Founders On the Do's and Don'ts of Great Business Partnerships.

In the article, Phoebe says:

"My co-founder is my mother! We’ve always had a great relationship, but creating this business together has been a special experience. It has allowed us to bond in a different way. We strive to always be open and honest with each other about our ideas and the direction we want to take, and we promised each other we would never be offended by the others’ opinion. We share our ideas, discuss, and make decisions. We truly respect what each brings to the equation and that seems to guide us well. We truly are a great team and are excited about all the plans we have together."

Stay tuned for a Beauty Independant feature article on Bra in a Box!

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