The Top Five Reasons We Love Bra in a Box

We're so excited to introduce the Bra in a Box blog, The Top Five. The Bra in a Box brand is all about bringing simplicity back to the complicated world we navigate as women. Part of that complexity is having a full schedule so we intend to make our blog posts short, informative, and as entertaining as possible. Stuff you can relate to, incorporate into your mindset, and/or simply enjoy. To kick this off, here are my Top Five reasons why we love Bra in a Box.

1) Bra in a Box solves the biggest deterrent to going braless. Wearing a bra is unnatural. Even the most comfortable ones can't compare to going without. The two biggest issue with ditching bras completely are the tiny headlights. The reality is that the majority of women don't feel comfortable to "Free the Nipple." (If you don't mind the headlights, more power to you.) So, rather than free the nipple, free yourself by embracing the perfect solution, Bra in a Box.

2) Bra in a Box brings a commonsense solution out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Nipple covers are not new, but they are new to the mainstream consumer. They have traditionally been marketed for specialty clothing such as prom and wedding dresses. We asked why? There's absolutely no reason why Nipcos should not be worn with every dress, every top, every pair of pajamas, etc. It's time to unleash the Nipco and we're doing it!

3) Bra in a Box offers a solution for the handling and storage of Nipcos. We offer the first available customized solution for storing and transporting silicone nipple covers. Whether you purchase our Nipcos or not, if you're a consumer of silicone nipple covers, we're betting you'll love our box.

4) Bra in a Box represents a lifestyle we love, one that reminds us that we alone are enough and that we can find our own solutions. Why did we ever choose to wear bras in the first place? Well, because someone told us we should or needed to, probably some guy. And so we did, every day. And every day, we came home and ripped it off as fast as possible. No more of that! It's time to think outside the bra, Ladies.

5) Bra in a Box is a simply, logical solution that provides absolute comfort, is pocketbook friendly, and frees up drawer space. Can't beat that! Come back to purchase Bra in a Box on April 1st! See you then, Ladies!

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