Virginia This Morning's, The Caroline Doll, Loves Bra in a Box!

Caroline Kalentzos

"Unlike your typical pasties (where you just apply a skin-tone sticker for a little extra coverage and then throw them away), these Nipcos™️ provide a more sophisticated and reusable option for longer wear! With the box included, I can pop them into my purse for ultimate convenience and comfort at any time, and even free up some drawer space at home!" - The Caroline Doll, Caroline Kalentzos

The fascinating, sharp Caroline Kalentzos has featured Bra in a Box in one of her latest blog posts! Caroline (aka The Caroline Doll) is a beloved blogger, brand influencer and host of the TV series, Lifestyle & Fashion Guide with The Caroline Doll, on Virginia This Morning. Caroline has an expanding network in the beauty and lifestyle industry. She's a mover and shaker who's clearly on a rocketship trajectory. We're thrilled that she loves Bra in a Box!

Go here to read her blog post, Bra in a Box - The Perfect Everyday Accessory.

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