The Top Five Things I Learned from the Movie Joy

1. Never let anybody stifle your spirit and creativity . . . including yourself!

Joy had a revolutionary idea and a complete vision for her invention, including how it would work and how spectacularly her idea could evolve. Trying to properly convey her vision to others proved a challenge and she was met with skepticism by almost everyone in her life. After almost a year of developing Bra in a Box, l still get weird looks when I tell people we’re about to launch a business selling nipple covers. At first I felt awkward telling others about it but now I tell them with pride. I start the conversation by asking, “Have you ever worn silicone nipple covers?” Usually the first reaction is a look of confusion, disbelief, even shock but it almost always leads to laughter. The ice is broken and we end up having an open and always interesting conversation.

2. Do your research and select the right advisers.

As we see in the film, Joy got into some serious legal issues when trying to patent her mop . . . and they almost cost her everything. We're traveling down the unknown road of patenting and trademarking so this was a great reminder that if we don’t know what we're doing we need to STOP and get the appropriate guidance. Risking everything by attempting to do something you know nothing about is never beneficial.

3. I need Joy’s self-wringing mop. A great idea withstands the test of time!

You know you’re becoming your mother when you start getting addicted to infomercials. Watching Joy is like watching one giant, inspiring infomercial for her Miracle Mop!

4. Reconnect with your childhood self.

I really identified with the scene that shows Joy building a paper house as a child. One time, I built a bedroom and closet for my American Girl doll out of cardboard. This scene reemerges throughout the film to represent the creativity Joy had within her. While this creativity never left her, it was buried beneath the stresses of her life . . . . raising her children, paying her bills, and fighting for her relationships. As a new mother, and after experiencing some financial setbacks in the past few years, I completely get it. It's so hard to remain open, to think creatively and take risks while just trying to survive. Joy reminded me that I'm doing the right thing in following my dreams and that I should continue to connect with my childhood self.

5. Jennifer Lawrence is (once again) amazing.

Joy Mangano is my business role model and Jennifer Lawrence is my confidence role model. If you can fall down steps in a ball gown in front of the whole world and get up smiling, you’ve accomplished far more than most ever will. #GOALS

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